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2014-07-27 : Different ways of decoding JSON in GO

After my first contact with Go I have to say it feels weird after 4 years of mostly working with Ruby, suddenly I find myself struggling with Unicode, bytes and type conversions, so the story starts with this single string:

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2014-07-21 : Finding combinations in ruby

This is a post about how I complicated myself just for fun instead of googling an answer first. I start by telling the story about how my thought process started, how I found a solution and then how I improved it.

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2014-04-01 : TDD with Objective-C by

This was a day of playing with Objective-C, I started with:


And then went right to try this’s Bob example that reads:

Bob is a lackadaisical teenager. In conversation, his responses are very limited.

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2014-03-18 : Testing S3 bucket policy

{ “Statement”: [ { “Sid”: “”, “Effect”: “Allow”, “Principal”: { “AWS”: “arn:aws:iam::466257263915:user/emarketplace” }, “Action”: “s3:*”,

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2014-03-09 : Provisioning with Ansible, Vagrant and Capistrano example

Just started learning how to provision using a few cool technologies, it is implemented on this blog’s codebase.

Setup is mostly a copy paste that I’m reviewing and learning line by line, and it is working :), the Ansible part is here, the Vagrant part is here and the Capistrano part is here.

2014-03-03 : Implementing a Classic TODO application with an API and Frontned

An example of a classic TODO application with the following features:

  • A totally separated and independent API built with Ruby, Sinatra and RSpec
  • A totally separated and independent Frontend built with CoffeeScript and Backbone.js
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2014-02-17 : JUnit4 from the command line

Around 4 years after I was really into Java I finally did it again, all because of this course I entered Algorithms part 1. I didn’t wan’t to use other editor than vim and my command line and of course do TDD, following are some of the things I did.

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2013-11-25 : Polyglot Programming podcast review

I just watched this talk Polyglot Programming, following are some the ideas I caught and liked:

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2013-06-13 : Talk slides: Ruby como lenguaje de programacion

Me invitaron a platicar un poco sobre ruby a la ciudad de Zacatecas, aqui estan mis slides:

Ruby como-lenguaje-de-programacion from Emmanuel Delgado

2013-05-25 : Talk slides: Un dia cualquiera

Una platica que me invente para el grupo de Web Dev Talks Colima, aqui estan los slides:

Un dia cualquiera from Emmanuel Delgado